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September 27, 1999

Yeah, it's been a long, long time. I apologize. Life took hold of me and seized me away. Well, now I'm at college and I'm not taking very many classes (whoops) and they're not very hard (whoops) so I need something to DO WITH MY TIME to stay out of trouble ... Anyway, I've added a few things to Sayings and Bumper Stickers. I also added four new joke-ish things: Four Types of Chain Letters, Elephant Jokes, Things You Wouldn't Know Except For the Movies, and Retorts and Putdowns.

February 2, 1999

I've added a few more jokes: Clinton Jokes (hey, you knew they had to come sometime!), The Letter Home, Airplane Complaints, and Space Ghost's Daily Affirmations (which all used to be under Sayings, but I moved them to their own page).

January 15, 1999

I have updated all the links on my links page. All of them should work now, and if they don't, email me.

December 6, 1998

Two new jokes: The Bloody Nose and What's Your Excuse?

November 8, 1998

Three more jokes: Big Chief Forget-Me-Not, What Ever Happened to the Author of the Hokey Pokey?, and Proofreading Rules. Also, I've added linkexchange code to every joke page. Click on some of them once in awhile. You might find a good page!

October 13, 1998

I still can't get over the White Ape joke. It's my favorite. I've added a new one, however. You'll have to read this one out loud after awhile, though. It's pretty entertaining.

October 12, 1998

I've added four new jokes: Dear Son (a letter from someone in Arkansas to her son), The Airplane Ride, Real Instructions On Products, and (one of my favorites) What I Dun In Texas!

September 30, 1998

This is the ultimate joke of all time. This is, always and forever, my favorite. It's quite long, so I haven't had much time to get it typed up, but now, NOW, THE WHITE APE JOKE is on this site.

September 29, 1998

ROFL!! I love this joke. Although I was as much a fan of Titanic as that woman in Australia who watched it 150 times (ok, I'm lying through my teeth, I was going nuts the fifth time I saw it), I had to laugh at this Abridged Versin of Titanic! ROFL!!! I love it ...

*GASP*!!!! After a third of a year, YES, I added something else to the Random Thoughts page!! Go see what my thoughts on driving are at Perfection.

September 28, 1998
Two more jokes! Chinese Dictionary and The Wagon Party.
August 18, 1998
I've added a new sound to the Others sound page: Dolphins Are Friendly. I've also added a whole new page: Pages I've Made.
August 11, 1998
WHOA!! Of all amazing things, my jokes site was chosen as the Funny Bone's Pod Site of the week! Contrary to popular belief, some people actually *do* appreciate my cheesy jokes!
July 29, 1998

I added three new jokes, Diary of a Federal Employee, The Speed Limit, and Psst! Nice Hair!. Hee hee ...

July 22, 1998

I have added linkexchange code to all of the main pages. Please support them. They're kind enough to put my banner on a page every time 2 of their banners are viewed on my page. Please support them by visiting some of the sites. (But don't forget to bookmark my page first!! :D)

July 21, 1998

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm 17 now!! (OK, so that wasn't a page update, but it was a *life* update. :D)

July 18, 1998

I have created a webring (Rose's Ring) that is now operational!

July 13, 1998
I have added a new joke to the Jokes Page. From the "Read Me First" notice included with Windows 98. ROFL!!
July 9, 1998
My website has been moved from Fortune Cities to Tripod, and is now up and running!