Disclaimer: None of these sounds from television or movies are mine. They belong to their repective owners, and no infringement is intended.

I have a variety of sounds from many of my favorite movies. I like sounds, and I especially like setting up my computer to play those sounds at unexpected times. ("*Ring* *Ring* Who died now?" when I verify deleting things. "Ohhhh, don't do that! You're making a mess!" when I empty the Recycle Bin.)

I'd like to share some of these sounds with you now. Go ahead and choose the catagory:

A PLEA: Awhile ago, my computer went screwy, and I couldn't get into any of my files saved in the windows folder. I had sent most of the sound files to my cousin on a disk, so most of them were salvaged, but there are two specific ones that I miss that I lost in the mess. The first is a quote from 3rd Rock From the Sun when Harry is talking about an X-Files episode he's writing. The second is (with a Scottish accent): "We have 3 sizes. Wee, not so wee, and huge!!" If you have either of these, I GROVEL AT YOUR FEET!! PLEASE, send them here!!!