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Would you like to join my webring? Does your site fit the criteria?

  1. Your site must be PG, with little or no inappropriate language. No X rated sites, and, please, nothing especially offensive. If you have a questions, email me and ask.
  2. No business sites or commercial sites. Only personal web pages with original content.
  3. Although you do not have to have a site that would be of total interest to *everyone* in the general public, it needs to have an overall friendly theme. For example, you can have a page devoted to, say, Hanson, but you must have something on there that the average person wouldn't mind looking at.
  4. I'm looking for fun, cool, original sites. If you think you've got one, go ahead and enter it into the ring!

All you must do is fill out the following information:

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All you need to do to become part of the ring (after signing up, of course), is to put the following code on your page, replacing the *********'s with your own information. A few days after that, you will be added to the ring.

It will appear as follows:

This Roses's Ring
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****yourname**** .

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