The Parrot

One day, a woman was walking to work, and as she passed a pet store, a parrot in the window squawked at her, "Hey, lady! You're *really* ugly!"

The woman gasped, and stormed off.

On the way home, she had to pass the same store again, and as she did, the parrot shouted, "Hey, lady! You're *really* ugly!"

Appalled, the woman stormed home.

The next day, she took the same route to work. The bird yelled, "Hey, lady! You're *really* ugly!"

This time, the woman decided to do something about it. She stormed into the pet store and demanded to see the manager. "If that bird ever calls me ugly again, I'll personally wring his neck!"

The manager apologized again and again and promised it would not happen anymore. Still disgruntled, the woman left.

On the way home, as the woman approached the pet store, the same parrot was in the window. "Hey lady," it said.

"What?" said the woman with raised eyebrows.

Smiling, the parrot replied, "You know."