My Other Pages

Jos, Rose, and Lucy's WebPage I don't know why, but the three of us felt compelled to make a webpage together. It hasn't gone very far, but we had fun while it lasted. :D Go visit it and see what we're posting to our guestbook. And you can postulate all you want about the meaning of "dust" "door" and "deck" but we're NOT GOING TO TELL YOU, no matter what. (Well, ok, some people know what "door" means, but right now, only about ... six people know what "dust" means, and only three know what "deck" means.)

Natalie's BackStreet Boys Site This site is *not* up yet, but we started working on it today.

Chelsea's Soap This is the site I'm most proud of! This is for Jos's aunt, and it's a business site that we put together. I did the image maps and the code for the order form, in case you'd like to know.

Myers and Hill This is a page I made for a business. (Hopefully) I'm going to continue making webpages for money and the list will grow ...