Psst! Nice Hair!

A man went in early to a bar, ordered a drink and sat down. Because it was early, there was no one else around except the bartender, who was working getting his drink across the bar.

He reached for the pretzels and as he started to eat one, he heard, "Hey, pssst, nice pants!"

"Hey, did you say something?" he said to the bartender.


"Hmmm, maybe I'm hearing things," he thought.

He started eating the pretzels again, and heard, "Psst, hey! Nice shirt!"

"You said something, didn't you?" he said to the bartender.

"No, I didn't. What are you talking about?"

"Nevermind." He went back to the pretzels, looking around warily from side to side. Then he heard it again.

"Psst! Nice haircut!"

"All right, that's it!" the man said, jumping up. "Someone keeps saying things like, 'Nice hair,' and I *know* I'm not going crazy!"

"Oh!" said the bartender. "I know what that is! It's the pretzels! They're complimentary!"