Welcome to my page.

Isn't it neat?

<--- Those are coffee beans. I really don't know why they're there. It's an arrow. I think.

<---Look. It's another coffee bean. I don't know why it's there. I just put it there.

Let's see what else there is for images.Ooo. It's a gold arrow. I don't know what that means. It's just there. I wonder what else they have.Ooo. Wow. It's a gold bar. It sort of looks bronze, but that's ok. It's supposed to be gold.

Isn't this exciting ...

Look. It's a marble. Please don't hurt yourself with excitement. That would be bad. Then we'd have to take you to the ER.

This is the Tajikistan flag. How much do you want to bet that you didn't know that? I win. You didn't know that. In fact, I'll bet you didn't even know there was a country named Tajikistan.

Here. Do you want to mail me? I have about fifty bazillion addresses. OK, not fifty bazillion, but a lot. Four. Five. Something like that. More than the average person who doesn't know anything about the internet. I have one from yahoo, one from AOL, one from Hotmail, one from FortuneCity (which, BTW, just doesn't work. It's always busy. That's why I'm moving my page from FortuneCity to Tripod, now that Tripod gives you 11 MB).

Today is July 1. Do you know what that means? Yes. That's right. Only 20 days until my birthday. What? Oh, yes, Independence Day or something is coming, blah, blah, but my birthday is more important. I'm going to be 17. Won't that be just a joy. It means nothing, really, except that I can now legally see R movies. The thing is, no one has ever asked me for ID for R movies. I just wander right on in. (Of course, I have to pay first and everything.)

Independence Day wasn't rated R. It was rated PG-13. I saw it on July 4. When it first came out. In the theater. Then we got ice cream. I think we saw it at Cobblestone, and then we went to get ice cream across the parking lot. Isn't that nice that I shared that? I'm sure it is. Now Cobblestone isn't new anymore. Wynnsong is. Not many people know its name. But I've see three movies there already. Wynnsong. Don't forget it.

I think it's time for more pictures.

WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT!! It's Tonga's flag. I wonder where Tonga is. I wonder ... Is it in the Carribean or something? Is it an island. I know nothing about Tonga. Maybe I'm not qualified to put their flag on my site.

Well. Maybe the power won't fail anymore. Good thing I saved this realllll important page. I mean, it would have been tragic, had I not saved it. I should publish this. Really. Make it the main page on my site. I mean, come on. This is high quality. High. Quality.

I just learned something. Would you like to know what it is? Too bad, I'm going to tell you. I can get my mail from my school address on the internet. I thought you had to be at school, or at least have QuickMail or whatever it is. But guess what. You don't.

I wonder how many people I know. Have you ever wondered how many people you know? I have. In fact, I'm wondering right now. And I wonder how many people I used to know, that I don't know anymore. And of those people, I wonder how many I wouldn't even recognize if they bumped into me right now. And also, I wonder how many people used to know me (when I was a baby) that I wouldn't even have a clue about if I stumbled over them in the street right now. And I wonder how many people I know right now that have email. I wonder if I could possibly email them, and then know somehow, how many people I know. Of course, there's this place, that talks about that, only it makes a lot more sense than what I just said.

I'm hungry. You know what I would like? A nice, juicy steak. I would hate to be a vegetarian, because I'd die. I have to have meat, otherwise I'd starve. Except, I don't like eggs. And when you're a vegetarian, you're supposed to eat eggs for protein. And so I would die. Cause I don't like eggs.