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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member MercedesRose.

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World/New Age

Hey, there! Welcome to my online music store. You can check out my favorite artists and buy any of their albums (I've listed my favorites) or search for something totally different. Whatever you decide to choose, you'll get your favorite music at a great price!

Elton John
He's Elton John--who doesn't like at least *one* of his songs? From "Crocodile Rock" all the way to "Recover Your Soul," every song's a classic.

The Big Picture
The Way You Look Tonight

Billy Joel
From "River of Dreams" to "Piano Man," he's got everything ...

Piano Man

Well, I've only heard one of their songs, but HEY, it's a *great* one, ok?

The Way

They're just great. Gotta love 'em.

Official NewsBoys Page
Step Up To The Microphone

I went to one of their concerts, and (although I *was* in the nosebleed section) it was awesome. They have a great sound, and a great message.

DCTalk's Official Page

Jesus Freak

Celine Dion
She has the most beautiful voice--and was part of one of the most beautiful movies ever made. How can you pass up her songs?TOBJ>

Let's Talk About Love
To Love You More

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member MercedesRose.
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