The Airplane

A commercial airline jet was sitting at the airport waiting for the pilot and co-pilot to arrive. Just as the passengers started to really getting restless, the airline announced that the pilot and co-pilot had just gotten in and were on their way. The pair came in through the rear door and started making their way up through the plane. The passengers began whispering among each other when it became apparent that the pilot and co-pilot were looking very blind. Both of them kept making their way toward the cockpit, tapping their red and white sticks against anything in their path. The co-pilot even had a seeing-eye dog pulling him along the aisles.

After they sat down at the cockpit, the passengers exchanged a few nervous laughs and thin jokes about the safety of the flight. The engines revved up and the plane began taxiing over to the runway. By this time a few passengers were craning their necks trying to see into the cockpit to see what the pilots were up to. When they approached the runway, the engines grew louder and louder as the plane went faster and faster down the runway.

The passengers were really nervous as the end of the runway drew too close for comfort. The passengers began screaming as the end looked near. Just as the plane looked like it was going to crash off the runway, the plane suddenly took off and began its ascent.

After the plane was at a safe altitude, the co-pilot said to the pilot, "You know, one of these days, they aren't going to scream and then how are we going to know?"